On Time Travel and Success

One important exercise, especially for me, who is a huge fan of sci-fi and futuristic movies, TV shows and books, is a question you can ask yourself: if you were a time traveller and coming from the future, what steps of action would you follow to achieve the success you need?

Your time traveller roles can be of different nature. For example, you can be a future self, who knows the future and who is wise. Alternatively, you can a person from a far-far future, let’s say from the 25th or 30th century, where so much development has happened. And I don’t mean just the technological development, but also and most importantly the development in system thinking, in awareness, in the knowledge about the Universe and its understanding. One more alternative for the time travel option is that you can be a savvy and wise person from the past, somebody who was both very wise and rich, and rich not due to the exploitation of others, but due to their brilliant skills and hard and smart work.

What can you do as such a person? What are the options? Let’s say you work at a company now and you an employer. What can you do?

First of all, you need to find a very good employer. You need to find a good company and a good boss. Then, you need to excel at your job. You should work smart and hard, and make good money. Ideally, you get some portion of the company income, be it the profit sharing on the deals you make, the junior partnership option in 3-5 years of continuous work for the same company, or the share (option) in the company.

It takes time and effort to excel at being an employee. It requires effort to be sharp and smart, do your job well and grow at your career. Improve your skills and get more experience.

If you work well, in 5-7 years you usually can save enough money to start your own business if you feel so. Or, alternatively, you can continue developing your career and excel in it.

The ultimate goal is to either become a partner/co-owner of the business, or start your own business.

Meanwhile, you should be enjoying your life and be happy. Be mindful. You should love and care about yourself and about your health.

At the end of the day, the real secret of success is very simple if you look for it. Maybe, after all you even don’t require the time machine or mind travelling from the bright future or the eventful past. You just succeed by yourself. 🙂