Geometric Compassion

How to stop hunger? How to stop wars; stop people from killing each other, and other beings?

How to ask people, who are capable of self-development, to develop themselves? Such that those, who are capable of being cool and hard-working, indeed will work hard and develop themselves?

How to ask people, let’s say most of them, to be honest; up to the extent that it is possible for them to be honest?


Imagine, that it is possible to help 100 people to start following the path and be enlightened. Then, if each of them tries to help 10 other people, and two of their students start following the path in a serious way, we will receive 200 people in the next generation who follow the path.

According to the rule of the geometric progression, if that happens well enough, in 25 generations there will be more than six billion human beings who follow the path. Now, 25 generations are, let us say, 25 times by 30 years, thus 750 years. Not that much time, from the Universe’s perspective.

Why does it not happen though? Are we so weak as to not keep such a geometric progression in place?

Just to notice, “path” above is not necessarily the Buddhist path. It is the Path, including the Buddhist path.


Is not the solution, for enlightenment and happiness, to be sexy, work hard and develop yourself spiritually?

Somebody who meditates, thinks, analyses, aims for the compassion of others, works hard, aims to have a solid and strong personality… Is not this the solution?

Is not the solution to continue being sexy, honest, hard working and meditating, no matter what (without harm to others)?

Let us keep moving and meditating. And aim, of course, for compassion.