My Mission Statement

My name is Yura Perov and I am excited about technology.

I believe that there is a good chance to have every being on this planet living a comfortable and happy life. The way to this is via culture and technology. Words like compassion, awareness, mindfulness are good examples to describe what I mean.

Professionally, I am interested in applications of artificial intelligence, machine learning and technology in general for that purpose.

I am almost certain there are enough resources to provide any living being on this planet with comfortable shelter, healthy food, safe environments, reliable transportation and opportunities for education and labour in the areas of their interests. Once again, that might be done with advances in applications of “culture” and technology.

I also believe that we have the opportunity to cure almost any disease, to transform ourselves and environment to all live together more comfortably and in harmony. The main source for this transformation is within ourselves and via culture, but there is also much to be developed on the technology side.

In regards to my curiosity, I am keen to understand why the Universe exists and how it works. It is fascinating to find other living creatures and potentially communicate with them.

I believe that all above is possible, and the most efficient way is to work on those areas together with other people. It is very efficient to work together.

Personally, I am very interested to secure myself financially, to feel well and be in good shape, to provide comfortable and happy life for myself and people I love. I am looking into opportunities to be strong mentally and physically, and to contribute to making the society strong.