A Moment of Mindfulness Every Day

There is a possible moment in your life. You get it if you seek it or if you are lucky or unlucky enough to have it triggered by a spontaneous event. It is the moment of quite full awareness. Mindfulness.

It is a moment when you feel the life; when you are mature enough to understand the complexity of the life and the simplicity of it at the same time. When you see each situation from many different angles, when you still experience the full spectre of emotions and feelings like happiness, lust, pain, depression, anger, hate, dissatisfaction and many others, but you are aware that it is a just a feeling or an emotion.

It is a moment when you are aware of the shortness of your life, but also about the enormous opportunities and the potential you have. Then, you are able to make a mindful choice such that you can start having healthful and smart routines and start making changes in your mental process and in life in general. That way, you become able to experience some form of that “eureka” mindful moment more often in your life every day. This is all thanks to a mindful choice you are able to make.

If you do so, then that awareness and mindfulness stays with you longer and more often each day. It is enhanced by learning and studying as well as by practising other important skills of the life.