What does lead to success for you? for humanity?

Some people are talking that the most important invention of humankind might be, e.g., an Artificial Intelligence or a Computer. However, I believe that the most important invention of humanity is the acquired practical skill of dreaming and making your visions happen through smart and hard work.

Just imagine how different the world would be if all 7 billion people can be happy and enlightened, including me and you?

Just imagine what if all of us know how to be mindful and aware of the present moment, be in control of our lives?

The ultimate success of humankind might be in making such scenario happen. It all requires diversity, accessible education, healthcare, opportunities for everyone, as well as fair law and governance.

There are probably several components to aim for the success on your part:

  1. Good basic education.
  2. Meditation and awareness of your life and the present.
  3. Constant learning.
  4. Honour and integrity.
  5. Knowledge of how to identify what other people need, how to deliver it and how to sale it. Of course, it should be done for the sake of all parties, without deception, i.e. doing it forthrightly.
  6. A diversified network of people you know and who knows you. Such a network should be used efficiently for benefiting both you and people in it.
  7. Knowledge and practical skills of managing yourself, your time and resources.
  8. Financial knowledge.

You can make your brain continuously feel that there are myriads of opportunities ahead of you, which you can use. Feel that the world is a good place and that you are intrinsically happy. Feel that everything is possible, and there are achievable scenarios that you can follow to get where you need and want to be in a reasonable amount of time. Feel that you are aware of the Universe, aware and mindful about your life and the lives of others, about the World, about what happens and why and how it happens. You also leave time, in this constant state, to relax and let things go because there is always time to act, and there is time to let it go.