Myriads of Possibilities to Achieve What You Need

Everything is possible. This is a phrase that we might have heard a lot, but it usually takes time to understand it and get a good feeling of it.

To use some illustration, imagine a screen of your smartphone. Let’s say its resolution is 300 by 500 pixels (by the way, most modern smartphones have a much higher resolution, e.g. 2000 x 1000). There are definitely a few sentences that you can fit on one screen like that in black and white, which can make you a millionaire in a few days in most parts of the world.

One example of such sentences is a sentence which contains the winning ticket numbers of a big lottery.

There is also another combination of sentences like that, which can lead you to quick big money in a few weeks or months. A good example is a project like “The Million Dollar Homepage”, the high-level idea of which can fit on one screen.

Another example might be the composition and instruction how to mix some new material, which will be very useful to people and which can bring money to its inventor.

Another example, which is not about money at all, is a very simple but power instruction as shown below.

That is, as far as you could read and capable of executing some simple steps, all you would need to do is to follow that instruction. With a very high chance, it will bring you money, which you can use for something else you need, or anything else you aim for.

However, there are no screens available like that. Of course, it is possible to randomly generate screens like that, but the number of options is enormous, around 2 to the power of (300 by 500). That number is extremely much bigger than the estimated number of atoms in the observable Universe. At the same time, the possibilities to get what you need do exist. All you need to learn is how to look for them and how to execute them.

It is fair to say that, most probably, the bigger the positive outcome is and the faster it is desired to achieve it, the less likely we are generally to come up with a realistic plan for it. More often, it takes more than just 1 day or 1 month to earn one million. The good thing is that you have more time to come up with all solutions and implement them. Also, usually that way it is a more stable endeavour, because otherwise the instability in the process, or big money that came fast might be too troubling.

While it is true that we don’t have screens like that, we still can use a similar space to write the question we want to answer and the goal we want to achieve. As it is said, “the right question already contains half the answer”.

There are also well-known general ideas on how to get where you would like to be. That is, while it is unlikely you will be given a magic screen, the basic instructions to follow are easy to put on:

The main thing to remember is that the possibility is definitely there. All you need to learn is how to find it and use it.

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