On Magic

In the childhood, I was fascinated by the ideas of telekinesis, prophecies and other super-human abilities. I had tried to move a match on the water in a teacup with the power of my thought as well as I was reading the supposed predictions of Nostradamus and was trying to decipher them and predict the future.

I read texts of Harry Potter and other fictional and sci-fi books, watched similar movies like Doctor Strange and TV shows, and was dreaming and thinking that the magic might be real.

Only recently, in the last 3-5 years, I started to appreciate and understand that there is another type of real magic in this world. For example, a million dollars or pounds in wealth could construct a hotel. Good politics could prevent a war or stop hunger. Culture and institutions can allow society to thrive. An implemented idea could change everything. The real world does contain magic, it is just a different sort of magic. It requires to have a well-educated eye to see it, and even more educated brain and hands to start using this magic. However, once you start learning how to use it, the possibilities of what you can achieve are infinite.