You have the power.

You have the energy.

You are strong.

You smile to the problems you consider having.

You are strong.

You are mindful.

You are the part of the Universe.

You breath.

You dream.

You fill the World.

You have the power.

The power fulfils your body and your mind.

You are strong.

You have enough energy to continue the path, be happy and be fruitful.

You have slept and relaxed. Your brain is clear, you have the energy. You are full of it.

You breath and circulate the energy.

You are full of force to focus on the things you would prefer to focus, to focus and develop your ideas, to make your ideas real, to transform them successfully to real world objects and events with others for the sake of all beings.

You accept the world, you are mindful about it. You feel the world, you are open to the Universe, subject to some reasonable protection, to avoid full impersonation and harm, for the only being strong when you are happy and helpful to all the beings.

Things you are dreaming of, they are in your power, through wise and hard work with others who are motivated and on the path.

You are in the power of the path. You have the power to choose your reactions, no matter how the path turns.

Your dreams of helpful machines, of the people educated and having noble culture traits, of the basic needs being solved thanks to wisdom, cooperation and planning.

You are strong.

Being alone is really crazy.

A human at least needs some people around him/her, hugs, support, verbal, tactile and other nonverbal interaction.

Being alone has a significant negative effect on one’s psychological and physical health, including severe depression and heart problems.

In addition to that, the absence of intimate relationship significantly decreases the motivation and productivity.

I personally do not know how to solve these problems in the current short and middle long term.

In the long term, it is potentially (with some probability) possible to solve such problem usingĀ  by being with beloved people.

I feel highly unsatisfied that I have such concerns (including the disappointing fact that it significantly reduces my productivity, most probably higher than “linearly”), but it seems the only way to solve it is through earning money.

The potential resolution of the problem is to sleep as much as possible during non-working hours. I am going to follow it.

It has been a long time since last time.

This year has brought a lot of experience, but to tell the truth, not extremely much was done.

It was the year of change and good endeavours, quite a lot of work and some thinking.

Last months I have been able to accumulate some energy which is important for healthy life and productive work.

For all to do, a lot of resources are necessary.

I do believe that anything is possible, that is just the question of right effort, skills, experience, some luck, to do that.

It is quite hard to find resources, to develop plans and successfully perform that, but that is definitely possible.

There is so much to do on personal and global sides.

To be strong, to be with people you love, to be healthy.

To have good food, education, including the crucial cultural aspect, stability for basic needs.